Dystonia, a little-understood problem - fun facts, questions, answers, information fun trivia | quizzes | games | people | services | help | me   register new player - log in welcome to our world of fun trivia quizzes and quiz games:     new player play now! Fun trivia: n : neurological disorders special sub-topic: dystonia, a little-understood problem click here to play: dystonia, a little-understood problem what is dystonia? Viagra women hindi A movement disorder. viagra online Dystonia is a neurological disorder, not a disease, that affects the muscles in the body. viagra online paypal uk# It is, therefore, a movement disorder. viagra online paypal uk# Neurologists, which specialise in movement disorders, are normally the ones that diagnose dystonia. Which, of the following, is not a form of dystonia? generic viagra customer reviews Bell's palsy. Bell's palsy is a temporary paralysis of one side of the face caused by damage to one of the facial nerves. All of the other mentioned conditions are forms of dystonia. can you buy viagra over counter england Hemi-facial spasm is a constant twitching of one side of the face. Meige's syndrome affects the jaw, and sometimes the tongue, and can cause the sufferer to constantly grind their teeth. Tardive dyskinesia is a condition that also affect the face. It may be characterised by constant lip smacking, tongue protrusion and pursing of the lips. Blepharospasm is a form of dystonia that affect a particular part of the body. But which part? Viagra vs natural remedies The eyelids. Blepharospasm is a type of dystonia that affects the eyelids. viagra vs viagra cost comparison It results in the sufferer's eyes suddenly closing, and their being unable to open them until the spasm is over. cheap generic viagra online The name comes from the greek, blepharo, for eyelid. During an episode, the person may suffer such severe symptoms that they are, effectively, blind for the length of the attack. buy cheap viagra Writer's cramp is a form of dystonia. T. We are not talking here about when your hand gets tired after a long period of writing. True writer's cramp is a total spasm of the muscles in the hand, and prevents the person from even holding or releasing a pen. viagra for sale Another name for it is mogigraphia. It has also been known to affect people such as pianists, in which case it is, sometimes, called musician's cramp. viagra online canada overnight What is the cure for dystonia? There isn't one. generic viagra online Because dystonia affects different people in different ways, there isn't a cure. viagra 25 mg price It is a disorder that can be controlled, depending on the type of dystonia, but, it cannot be cured. Viagra pills to buy Over the years several attempts have been made to try and 'fix' the problem. Most of these have involved anti convulsive drugs. cheapest place to buy viagra online But, because the condition affects different people, in different ways, no single cure has been found to be effective. As mentioned, dystonia affects different people in different ways. Focal dystonia is a condition that affects only a single part of the body. viagra online paypal uk# Which of the following conditions is not considered to be a focal dystonia? Paroxysmal dystonia. buy viagra super active online Paroxysmal dystonia is a form which can affect the whole body and is one of the rarer forms. buy generic viagra Spasmodic torticollis is another name. viagra online no prescriptions
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